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5 Key Features to Consider When Choosing the Best CRM Tool For Your Business Like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


Handling a business means dealing with many customers daily. As business owners, your primary goal is to increase customer retention and bring the best of your services to the customers. A poorly managed patron might lead them to switch to other products or vendors that will satisfy their needs.

Understanding the pain points in your process workflow that you want to target is a vital key CRM feature you need to establish. Is it generating leads? Classification? Tracking pipeline? Determining your goals and what issues you need to consider will help you decide what key features to consider while choosing the best CRM tool for your business.

All CRM promises to provide a solution to your sales and client management concerns; however, you need to grasp the company's features to find the best tool.

Establishing a management system to nurture the growing number of customers is much needed in a business setup. Several top CRM tools or Customer Relationship Management software are available in the market that provide the solution to the issues related to handling your clients.

Gaining its popularity with the users and being considered a rapidly-growing software, CRM has become vital to every business. There are many key CRM features to consider while choosing the best tools for your business.

We have narrowed it down to five CRM features lists to consider purchasing this software.

1. Mobile-Friendly

Some CRM unique features include its accessibility at all times, regardless of the device. Developers made it possible to use this tool even on mobile phones as long as it's cloud-based.

Mobility has taken to a different level since documentation and posting updates are accessible anywhere, anytime. Salespeople can do the updates even while traveling from one appointment to another or working remotely. It makes tracking the sales pipeline easy, even when the sales personnel are outside office premises.

2. Seamless Integration

A good CRM's unique features integrate with other digital tools your business uses, such as marketing tools, a team collaboration app, project management software, and many more. It allows customization of the software to adapt to what the company demands.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow creating complex automation and interfacing with other key operations smoothly and done with ease. Connecting the email, calendar, or phone systems makes the work easier as it eliminates opening multiple systems to do a specific task.

This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM shines as it native integrations with other Microsoft products, which most businesses use. In fact, Dynamics 365 itself combines CRM and ERP capabilities in one tool by integrating business data, processes and logic.

3. Reports and Dashboard

CRM software has a dashboard analytics feature that can easily track which methods perform and which ones need to work on. It has a visual chart and pipeline reporting feature to monitor whether the company is hitting its targets and indicating its progress.

CRM lets you determine the status of the business in comparison to its forecast versus the actual performance. An article from Discover CRM stated that 47% of companies that use CRM had increased their customer retention, in which the vital feature that pulled the string is reporting.

Using the CRM data can intensify the marketing campaigns that will help exponentially increase the business's sales.

In addition, CRM software helps assess the team's performance, who's working efficiently, who needs more guidance, and who needs advancement and pay increase.

4. Modification and Customization

There is no one size fits all CRM for all the companies. Each organization has a different requirement and functionality. Aim for a CRM that allows customization to make the software workable for your business and meet your company's unique needs.

A CRM should have a customizable setup to increase productivity in your organization as you can establish a workflow that adapts to your company's operation. It should capture the essential customer information used to nurture the leads. Considering this, a good CRM should have an arrangement that reinforces the sales and marketing strategies to maximize selling performance.

5. Managing the Pipelines

You can track the sales opportunities and their journey through a funnel whether the leads are closed, either won or lost. This feature allows you to foresee prospective sales. It also helps CRM managers to analyze which part has vulnerable points and requires more nurturing. It notifies you when a sales representative is going through a slump or an increase in revenue.

It envisions the cycle of prospective customers from the first conversation to the deal's closing. It serves as the visual representation of your sales progress, closing deals to expect in a given timeframe, and how close your company is to its target figures. For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM's native integration with LinkedIn gives you massive access and connection on the site's more than 500 million users.

Choosing the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner

In choosing the right MS Dynamics CRM implementation partner for the company, there are several key CRM features compared with other providers. Although there are several key features to consider while choosing the best CRM tool for your business, obtain one that complements your organization.

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